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. not violent -- not racist, not violent, just no longer silent." c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. if you have been a listener of mine for gosh, it's almost been ten years now. me on the radio. then you might remember a time when hi radio show was based in comedy. i used to try to -- it was much more like jon stewart really on the radio. we would look at the news of the day. and try to make our points but make them in a funny way. obviously, i was conservetive, where jon stewart is not. but today, today, over the last ten years i have found myself in a position where i never intended on being. you know, the show is day-by-day is about as funny as smallpox quite honestly. and there is a lot of stuff i do that i don't want to. recently i got a lot of heat for telling "forbes" magazine that my company is an entertainment company. but only after they printed half of that quote from that conversation were people saying that. when they went back and wrote another story and finished the rest of the line, people understand what i was saying. my company is an entertainment compacompany, bu
of change that president obama is bringing to america and this is what is at stake in november. all of this information, and much more can be found in part one of a brand new book it's 2010, take back america, a battle plan, the stakes, the targets, the strategy and what you can do, joining me now is the author of this brand new book, the one and only dick morris. welcome to hannity, by the way i'd shake your hand-- >> the elbow bump because i don't want to get sick. >> you've got to be really-- first of all, i love, i love the book. i love it and it is a -- you get into some great detail here, great strategies here and i want to start at the beginning. this is important, af got to start to make the case, barack obama is ruining america, he's destroying everything that makes us great. the two stories on drugs today, white house sign czar, u.s. can't expect to be number one in science and technology forever. we've got another picture, another president bowing before here another world leader, dick, and saying in another piece, rogin puts it in his piece today that, you know, talking
. more on how the ash cloud is actually headed to north america in a minute. first some flights could actually be taking off in europe airspace. most of northern europe remains closed. some airlines plan to fly between 8,000 and 9,000 of the 2,000 scheduled flights today. restrictions over scottish airspace will be lifted tuesday and germany's aviation authority has given lufthansa the okay to fly 50 planes back to germany with about 15,000 passengers on board. meanwhile britain sent in the royal navy to bring stranded people back home. 150,000 brits stranded worldwide. that ash cloud continues to move its way westward, as i mentioned. will it be reaching the shores of north america any time soon? joining us from d.c., geologists with the u.s. geological survey. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> a lot of people woke up and saw headlines that this ash cloud would be headed toward north america. explain what's happening here. >> well, there is a high pressure system north of greenland sending a small ton of ash over towards the area between greenland and north america. the mode
of the united states of america. >> at a larger rally in see, they said today is about patriotism, not terrorism. this family drove from kentucky with their six children. >> i carry my gun most of the time wherever i go. my husband and i both do. >> they say that right is threatened and must be protected. >> of the house could vote this week on abc voting rights bill including language that he essentially guts what is left of dc's anti-gun law. >>> gun rights is the topic of feet pulse poll. go to to cast your vote. >>> the supreme court justices are sharply divided over and on campus christian student group. the college refuses to legally recognize the christian legal society because they will not admit gays or non christians. being forced to admit somebody who does not support their believes is a threat to their beliefs. other justices said this could open the door to legally banning minorities. >> its tale of two tea partys. ies. they found that while the group was anti-big government and hostile toward barack obama, they are not happy with republicans, either. >> the tea party is em
's an easy company for main street america to hate. so now all of a sudden all of this attention on, you know, potentially, allegedly goldman sachs defrauding its investors. and this gets washington angry and rightly so. it gets main street america angry. and people are saying, something has got to be done. that's when the politicians step in. >> i'm trying to do a whole show on the anger is out of control but yet in this instance. okay. i'm a guy paying my bills, paying my credit card bills. as i understand this, billionaire john paulson, okay? who basically gets in bed with goldman sachs and says i'm going to go out and find the worst mortgages i can find. you're going to help me put this product together. i'm going to bet against it. ha ha. by the way other guys at goldman sachs go out and sell it to your customers while i'm shorting it. how do they explain that as anything other than fraud? the fact that paulson was putting this product together? >> i don't think he possibly can. >> aren't they saying every institution bets on both sides? >> in other words you've got a situation where peo
yaum is bringing to america this, is what it's stake in november. all of this information and more can be found in part one of a new book. it's 2010, take back america. and joining me now is the author of the brand new book. dick morris. welcome to "hannity". >> i'd shake your hand but my elbow bump. >> i don't want you to get sick. very a strained voice. >>> a hand bump is meaning not shaking. >> and yes. >> first, i love the book. i love it. and it's a great -- you get into great detail here and there is great strategies here. i want to start at the beginning this, is important. you've got to start and make the case. barack obama is ruining america. he's destroying everything that makes us great. two stories today. white house signs tsar. u.s. can't expect to be number one in science and technology forever. we've got a picture of a president bowing before another world leader and saying in another piece, roguean puts it in his piece today talking about america, you know, he's comparing to us, you know a third world dictatorship for crying outloud. >> in your tax segment you talk abou
anthem. >> please be seated. i think you to the united states air force band mid- america from scott air force base in illinois, and to our neighbors and friends from tinker, illinois, for hosting our friends and guests. our city has certainly change in attitude and appearance. and during the last 15 years we have worked together with common resolve to defeat evil attack against us. we constructed this beautiful memorial and the compelling newseum to the ground of the attack. the rebuild heavily damaged box around the site. today, we continue our work building and even greater oklahoma city. now please welcome the mayor of oklahoma city, the cornet -- mick cornett. [applause] >> as john mentioned, april 19, 1995 began much like today. the temperature was seasonal, the sun came out, and then our lives were changed forever. ultimately, each of us, individually and collectively, have been faced with choices, the choice is between strength and the uncertainty, the choices of optimism and pessimism, the choice is between freedom and fear, choice is between moving forward and falling back. and
opinion. this gets back to this anger in america concept that seems so prevalent now. you've got to ask, why was goldman creating these securities and puts people in a position to have to defend them after the fact. i don't think that's necessary hi fair to goldman sachs to have to put them in that position. they believed they were helping their clients, but it just didn't look good. >> well, not only doesn't look good, but makes people feel that this is the smoking gun. accurately or not, people feel that tells you everything you need to know about the way wall street is operating. this is what lloyd blankfein had to say -- there's reporting today "the new york times" that in fact, the investigators are now looking at how high up this actually went and whether all the way up to the ceo there were people involved, top executives at goldman who signed off on what this one man was doing. >> but if i understand what we've heard so far about the core of goldman's defense, it won't have to do with who in the firm knew about it, but the merits of the case. whether that was a material fact tha
america to see. see, they're the base. they're old. they're angry. they're white. they're scared. they're misinformed. they watch fox. they live in the bullet-point culture. let me give you something real ease city to understand here tonight. if you're watching, you righties. barack obama has an "f" rating. meaning fail. suck. bad. an "f" rating from the brady campaign against gun violence. now, i want the informationally-challenged voters to listen very close to me when i say this tonight. that president obama does not want your gun, and i think you should understand that. he hasn't proposed a single thing that would infringe on your second-amendment rights. not one. not one thing. the more people that buy into this anti-government nonsense coming from the right, the cloclos cloclos closer we're going to get to another oklahoma city. if we face another anti-government attack like the one we saw 15 years ago i think we could spiral out of the control. there could be a lot of civil unrest in this country for no reason. only because we in the media seem to focus on this. and i'm doing it
time. america runs on dunkin'. get swept up with the big chocolate taste of mocha iced coffee from dunkin' donuts. it's just another one of our delicious, refreshing iced coffee flavors -- grab one today! america runs on dunkin'. >>> hundreds of military trucks and relief convoys rolled through the streets in china where survivors are desperate for food and shelter. the president said they will not give up on the rescue efforts. he visited survivors. the quake on wednesday killed more than 1700 people and injured more than 12,000. in the u.s. residents in san francisco came together today to remember the biggest disaster in the city's history. 104 years since the 1906 earth a quake. it hit and killed more than 3000 people and put the city up in flames. one of the last remaining earthquake survivors who was only 3-month-old at the time recalls living through the aftermath. >> it destroyed the whole city. it wiped it out. they had to start all over again. >> chilling thing to be able to put your mind in that moment in time. >> another survivor who just died on thursday at the age of
. one was aerch offered a job to stay in the lone star state. and coming up on "good morning america," live updates from iceland, london, more tales from right here in the u.s. of people living at the airport. >>> now to the other big story this morning, toyota is about to agree to pay a record fine. it stems from the companies's failure in the right way about his gas pedals. t.j. winick has details. >> reporter: according to the federal government, toyota knew about the problem about sudden acceleration and sticky pedals in 2009, but it waited until january of this year to tell regulates. later today, auto giant will agreed to pay a $6.4 million fine. the maximum penalty allowed. >> i think this is another black eye for toyota because it shows that the company didn't care about safety, that it covered up the issue in the united states. >> reporter: while toyota is likely to say they admit no wrongdoing, according to a senior transportation official, by paying the full civil penalty, tot is accepting the responsibility for hiding the safety defect in violation of the law. >> toyota w
to our prosperity. to ordain or establish this constitution for the united states of america. ladies and gentlemen, governor, governor mike huckabee. [applaus [applause] >> thank you everybody and welcome, welcome to huckabee from the fox studios in new york city. this young man is nine years old. this is jeffrey fister, and i thought he did a great job of reciting the preamble of the constitution of the united states. is jeffrey, thank you, very very much. let's hear it for jeffrey. well, unfortunately, jeffrey is becoming a rarity these days because just 230 years after the constitution was signed, a growing number of students and adults are hard pressed to tell you what's in the document the foundation of our nation. so i'm delighted that somebody might be paying attention, hey, jeffrey, you might want to tell the members of congress they haven't read it lately, take a look at it, it's worth reading. tonight, we have an amazing show and you're going to love tonight. actress janine turner is going to be here, you remember her from northern exposure and friday night lights and tell
in america. we'll look at this anger all across the country. who's angry, why are they angry and how might it affect our midterm election year politics? we'll go wall-to-wall and look at this question. is the government trying to take your guns away? that's what many of those demonstrators think. we'll put their concerns to the fact test. one on one tonight. frank keating was the governor of oklahoma when tragedy struck 15 years ago. we'll ask him about america's discontent then and now. in our forum discussion tonight, florida's wacky politics. governor charlie crist is a republican. for months he's said, no, no, no, i'm running as a republican. suddenly he says he's open to running as an independent. all that and more in a packed hour ahead. but first, a few observations. growing up in boston, patriot's day meant two things, remember lexington and concord, it was the shot heard around the world. the beginning of the revolutionary war. it is also boston marathon day. because of that, the red sox play an 11:00 a.m. day game. they lost again, but i digress. it is a day to celebrate, not be
goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ so the discovery and its seven person crew will have to spend another day in space. nasa waived off two landing attempts today because of weather concerns. >> the pilot needs good visibility to see the runway because they've only got one shot at it. >> the shuttle will try to land again tomorrow. >>> an environmentally conscious couple in taiwan has opened a house with newspapers fed through a homemade blender. john lambry and shelley woo used 20 newspaper and. many were from students who needed extra credit. the school house is 870 feet. lambry is a former building inspector. >>> coming up, caught on tape. one man's tug of war with an octopus. first here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> when you make a photo copy, the image is only on the paper, righting ? maybe not. our cbs news investigation revealed how your private information could become very public. that's
is required now of all americans to keep america safe. listen. >> in big ways and small, resilience is a pillar of our security and there has never been a better example of that than right here in oklahoma city. >> reporter: a lot of folks are trying to still come to grips with why all of this happened. there have been a lot of discussions over the past week or so prompted by former president bill clinton's feeling about the political mood in this country, a similar mood that he says preceded this particular bombing. of course, timothy mcveigh said that the catalyst for his thinking that led to this tragedy was the april 19th, 1993 siege on the branch davidian compound in waco, texas. but however this ended, a lot of folks here want to remember the folks who gave their lives really in service to their country, tamron. >> thank you, ron mott. on this anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing we turn to the rising tide of antigovernment extremism. the southern poverty law center, which tracks antigovernment groups, say the number of so-called patriot groups across the country mushroome
love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts on this monday, april 19th. and this morning -- global standstill. millions stranded by the ash cloud blanketing the skies. as britain sends naval warships. >>> and war of words. the israel prime minister says if they nation doesn't stop the nuclear program, israel will. >>> fight for premium. stop the an american student convicted of murder overseas says there's no proof she was even at the scene of the crime. will her appeal be heard? >>> and we want to tell you why you may have to ban beer in your future super bowl party. the new 3-d tv sets come with a warning. if you drink, don't watch. >>> well, a merry monday to everyone. i hope everyone's had a terrific weekend but not those trying to catch a flight somewhere. >>> i felt lucky getting out of washington just in time. european ministers are meeting today to discuss when and how they'll reopen airspace over europe. more than 20 countries are affected, and the volcano is still affective. right now, it's s
little faith that it can solve america's problems. >>> coming up to nigh, protestors can guns at a rally in virginia. >> there are more amazing stories of survival after a deadly earthquake in china. >> a crash killed two local teenagers. we'll find out how it might have been prevented. >> and d.c.'s most famous family-owned restaurant could be on the verge of making a major change. >> temperatures this week, we'll be hanging out in the 60s. not bad. i'll tell you about a little bit of rain coming our way for next week. >>> bruce allen talking redskins draft strategy. denny hamlin likes to race on monday. plus, who's going to start in goal for the capitals tonight? we're going to have a presure from montreal coming up when somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand
for the united states of america. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> mike: thank you, everybody, welcome. welcome to "huckabee" from the fox news studios in new york city. this man is nine years old. this is jeffrey and i thought he did a great job reciting the pream to believe the constitution of the united states. jeffrey, thank you very much. let's hear it for jeffrey! [ applause ] unfortunately, jeffrey is becoming a rarity these days, because just 230 years after the constitution was signed, a growing number of students and adults are hard-pressed to tell you what is in this great document that is the foundation of our nation. so i am a delighted somebody might be paying attention. jeffrey, you might want to tell the members of congress that haven't read it lately. take a look at it. it's worth reading. tonight we have an amazing show. you will love tonight. actress jeanine turner will be here and you know her as the star of hit tv shows like "northern exposure and" "friday night lights" and she will tell us about her effort to inspire kids to learn about the con
, but warm-up is in store. a chill in the air, but warm-up is in store. we will give somewhere in america... there's a home by the sea powered by the wind on the plains. there's a hospital where technology has a healing touch. there's a factory giving old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. is that your new car ? uh... yeah ? cool. thanks. i knew i wanted a subaru legacy. i went back and forth on the hood scoop... but i'm glad i went for it. the subaru legacy. feel the love. >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7's good morning washington, on your side. >> still ahead, a deadly shooting on maryland's college campus strikes close to home. >> good morning, washington. i am natasha barrett in for alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. it's time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's find out what's in store. >> is a trust advisory -- sauced advisory -- frost advisory.
minutes. he tells us what's headed for north america. my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> remember the first home grown terror attack on united states soil. the dallas morning news summed up the oklahoma city bombing in one word. there it is. terror. the daily oklahoman called it the morning of terror. more than two weeks later, the search ends. 164 bodies found. the death toll, 168. a day of mourning followed amid the rubble. timothy mcveigh was put to death for the crimes six years later. today, family members of those killed and survivors have gathered at a memorial where the alfred p. murrah federal building once stood. the impact of the deadly building still reverberates with those who lived through it. here are the thoughts and memories from a survivor. >>> there was a day care center in the building. that day care center would have been devastated. [ crying ] >> when i see the pictures of me in the hospital in the bed, i see a little boy covered in blood. it's unbelievable. i'm chris wynn. i'm 20 years old and i'm a sop
't expect america to be number one forever bob. american exceptionalism doesn't exist with this radical president. >> didn't start off that way did you. >> no. >> if you go back and look at the president pictures with the chinese prime minister with george bush with bill clinton and gw bush go all of the way back everybody boys. >> nobody goes around apologizing -- >> did he apologize for something? >> america is an arrogant country. his wife said america is a down right mean country in 2008. >> when the republicans are in power it's true. >> everybody know why they took the bust of winston churchill out of office? >> the first week. >> i have heard that happen but i don't know you guys are insiders. >> i don't know. >> explain the national security thing. i don't know. we are going to get hit with biochemical weapons or crippling cyber attack and no nukes. the president tells us this weekend that al qaeda is trying to get nuclear weapons but we are cutting ours in half and iran has the right to nuclear power. help me out. >> i think it's interesting that obama seems to be saying someth
. this was the most significant news of the weekend. the secretary of defense saying the united states of america does not have a long-range plan for dealing with iran. and the second i read that, i didn't think, oh, my gosh, the obama administration has fouled this up. i thought, oh, my gosh, the united states of america has not over the past decade between two administrations figured out how to deal with this very troublesome regime. jon meacham, five years ago, the wall street journal, five years ago, "the wall street journal" was writing blistering editorials attacking the bush administration for allowing iran, and we talked about it repeatedly, step over one line in the sand after another line in the sand. gates was talking about, of course, where they are right now, but he was talking as well, i think, about how the bush administration was unable to contain iran's nuclear ambitions. >> both those points are really important because the cold war -- the post-cold war proliferation story is like the cold war in that it doesn't pay a whole hell of a lot of attention to inauguration dates. gates serv
other stories making news today early today in america. new york police are asking for the public help asking for the identity four young women. two of the women distracted a store clerk while the others stuffed merchandise into their shopping bags. employees describe the suspects as very young, possibly high school or college students. >>> some 50 new jersey residents are out of house and home this morning after a massive fire ripped through two apartment buildings. firefighters say they had trouble getting blaze under control but amazingly there were no injuries. the cause is still under investigation. >>> in the florida keys costume competitors kicked up their three-inch heels this weekend at the annual drag race. dashing divas wheeled their way. racers were judged on speed and ability to stay on their feet. >>> and if you're a running in the boston marathon today, keep your eyes peeled for lisa, the last american man or woman to win the race. she's doing an anniversary race. 25 years. she coaches army athletes doesn't expect to win, she hopes her presence will provide a little inco
. remember the pop see fields in afghanistan? we will show you what all that dope is doing to kids in america back i i i i i i >> our latest news is that she was strangled and she was found dead. they found scratch on his face and his neck and his arms. >> the restaurant owner who was strangled and beaten to death at a resort earlier this month her battered body found dumped in a nearby sewer producer or cbs survivor and pimp my ride remains the only suspect in the case. only as tmz is publishing a picture of this guy arm and arm with a woman named joy pierce we have that picture. that's him on the right who report the to be his mistress. radar on-line is reporting exclusively that dna results are expected as early as tomorrow morning. and reporter alexis joins us from los angeles. alexis, is this dna do you believe this will nail the coffin on the husband and will it nail him as the murderer of his wife? >> mexican authorities told us there was one suspect it was bruce. they were beg going to confirm until the results. we believe it will be true. >> there are people arguing allegedly even he
have a precedence here with america's rev lush nar period. you can reach out at twitter and i look forward to hearing from you. >>> the organizers of that rally in virginia say they didn't intend it, but it falls on the 15st anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing. the bomber, an antigovernment activist, timothy mcveigh. >> we remember our friends and family in the oklahoma water resources board building. trudy, jean, robert -- >> the name of each of the 168 men, women and children murdered by mcveigh were honored at a ceremony. coming up laterer, i'll talk about this with janet napolitano. that's at 12:30 eastern time. >>> a connecticut liquor store owner turns the tables on a robber. >>> and amanda knox's parents' next move to free their daughter. their attorney discusses their appeal. just ahead. so, to turn those vegetables into campbell's condensed soup, we don't boil it down, our chefs just add less water from the start. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪ at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car... and how much the people in your life
oreck vacuums sold in america, david oreck has been earning your confidence for nearly 50 years. call now and try the new oreck platinum pilot risk free for 30 days. keep it and get an incredible 10-year warranty plus no interest ever! that's right-ever. but you must order now! the new oreck platinum pilot. clean made easy! >> chris: joining us from bagdad is the top u.s. commander in iraq, general ray odierno. you had an election on march 7th. the alawi administration won 91 streets but prime minister mallky 81 seats and is demanding a recount. it could take months to see the a new government. general, how worried are you about the political disarray? >> well, first, i think those elections were historic, chris. and what it showed is iraqi people got to vote for who they thought they wanted to continue to move iraq forward. i believe it will take a couple months to form the government. i think, though, the iraqi security forces continue to do a good job and i'm confident that we many be -- that we will be able to provide the environment so they can elect a government that is represen
with minor injure yes, the horses were not seriously hurt. megyn: i'm megyn kelly, this is "america live", a huge development in iraq today, two al-qaeda leaders taken out, including this man, the terror group's military commander, a top just is not -- u.s. general says this is the most significant blow to al-qaeda in iraq in years. we've got you covered. >>> plus howard stern versus jay leno, with the sirius radio star sue the late night host for stealing his ideas? stearns said jay is a flipping ripoff. is he right? and -- >> mr. president, mr. clinton, unwittingly, unpurposely, i give you the benefit of the doubt, you have set this stage -- with this comment, you have just set the stage for violence in it country. megyn: a war of words heating up between former president bill clinton and rush limbaugh, we've got it all here, right now on "america live". >>> we begin with some good news for some passengers stranded by the spreading cloud of volcanic ash, word now the united kingdom will lift air space restrictions, opening the skies up for the first time since island's volcano eru
? >> 609, 537. >> couric: he's hard wired for hardware in tonight's "assignment america." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. all day it seemed like the skies were about to open up again after five days of volcanic clouds. but late today another eruption in iceland began sending up a new plume of ash. it's unclear if this will affect plans to reopen several airports across great britain tomorrow. either way, the royal navy is sending three warships across the english channel to pick up some of the 150,000 britons stranded in other european countries. a look at that initial cloud of cash shows wind currents are moving it toward north america but it's not expected to have a noticeable impact here. mark phillips has the latest from london's heathrow airport. >> reporter: the volcano which at its peak was pumping 500 tons of ash into the atmosphere every second has changed. for a while today, it was putting out a lower column of debris, one where the ash drops closer
heard round the world. that vol canic ash is now making its way to north america. nbc's chief science and health correspondent bob bazell is in iceland for us this morning. it's coming to north america. do we have to worry? is this an air quality issue? is this going to create havoc now on north american flights? >> chuck, you know, you don't have to worry one bit about that. i have to say something else. savannah was yoet quoted in the newspaper about how to pronounce it. i had to come to iceland. it's affal yokal. >> who are you calling a yokal. >> i'm really proud of that. >> you're showing off. >> i will worked on that all the way over. but i walked under the volcano this morning. there's an enormous amount of ash coming out in the immediate area. the plume is down to about 10,000 feet high. it was 30,000 feet yesterday. that's a good sign. nobody knows what's going to happen with it in the future. this is one of the least studied volcanos even in iceland which has about 70 active volcanoes. there's not a lot of ability to predict what's going to happen next. of course, there's a
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-- the independent's cast the deciding vote on the settlement on the back of the america, merrill lynch settlement too. people are worried this is part of an attack on the entire sector and there's other names to follow, still feel nervous. and if you look at what the s.e.c.'s doing here, it's hard to separate that from what the administration -- although they are absolutely independent. but the timing is uncanny. >> i can tell you this. the read from the options market speshlth, when you look at goldman sachs, you look at the volatility, they traded four times normal volume. almost 500,000 contracts today. volatility came in throughout the day. by the end of the day. we had peaked out last friday somewhere near that mid 40s sort of an area, 43%, 45% volatility. now it's around 37%, 38%, the at the money calls and puts. those straddles are already starting to come in. there's a level of comfort -- i'm not saying they're right. but the markets themselves are interpreting this right now as a level of comfort. and then when you look at the xlf, over a million contracts, most of them on the put side,
fault, really." they came out of their bunker to swear they didn't sell america short so what do you make of this? >> i didn't expect the s.e.c. to come out with the big howitzer today the way it did. goldman, i thought, at least could take comfort or defense in the esoteric of this, how hard it is to go home and explain to your mother, i have to use metaphors like wall street turning out tainted hamburger meat and by the end of the conversation the per is more confused than the beginning of the conversation. goldman is relying on a defense of diffusion of responsibility-- "how were we to know it was it was going to fall apart." the ratings agencies were supposed to tell us these were not as robust as they were. if you peel down the layers of the deal, you realize there was another mechanism that goldman and paulson cold. you have a patsy in that trade in effect, and i'm pretty struck that the s.e.c. was aggressive as it was getting to the heart of the trade. >> rose: the s.e.c.. does this represent because they've been under such attack over the last several years, a new aggressive
of, again, selling a financial product that it would itself not buy. doesn't this feed what america really recent about how wall street is operating? >> i can't comment on the merits of this case. in this financial crisis you saw a range of terrible things happen, catastrophic failures in judgments by people running these institutions, catastrophic failures in institutions, and the consequences were devastating. >> is it time to start teaching people lessons on wall street? >> i think again the best thing we can do for the country is to make sure we put in place strong protections, rules of the game, reforms with teeth. you want a system that acts preemptively to prevent these thing from happening, not come up and clean the mess up later. the best way to protect americans is to put a stronger system in place where people were able to act ahead of the storm, ahead of the abuse, ahead of the crisis. >> let's talk more broadly about financial regulation. earlier this year, president obama issued a declarative statement. let me play it for you. >> never again will the american taxpayer
to north america. it doesn't come cheap. it's cost airlines $1 billion. that number growing by hundreds of millions every single day. so far 63,000 flights have been canceled. countries like sweden and denmark are letting flights pass through their airspace. britain, france and netherlands still closed. thousands of passengers left to feel helpless. mother nature not cooperating. in fact, there is a threat that a second volcano could erupt making the situation there far worse. nbc's chief science correspondent in iceland, bob, tell us about this second blast. another volcano? >> well, the second volcano is a hypothetical concern, monica. this first volcano has been erupting since last thursday, the one causing all the problems with the flight. historically in the geological record there have been times when the second volcano, which is bigger, has erupted after the first one. there's no reason to think that's going to happen any time soon. as of today the volcano that's causing the problems, the ash plume has gone down to about 8 to 10,000 feet. it was at 30,000 feet yesterday. there's
opportunity ultimately. they're certainly going to look at other banks. bank of america, merrill lynch was a huge underwriter on this, so were the others. so some of these knock-on trades, people selling gold because they think paulson was involved in this and he's going to have to liquidate gold, are in my mind really overblown. >> you don't think it's a justifiable reason for investors to flee risk assets? >> i don't at all. we had earnings that were knocking the cover off the ball. bank of america turned a profit. we've got other guys coming up this week so we're right in the spate of earnings, big surprises. volatility, when we look at how is the market treating risk prior to this announcement, it was, you know, volatility was collapsing. we were talking about outright money coming in to the marketplace. volatility going to zero. and this market going to the moon. >> can regulators, can they overregulate? is it possible that this financial reform bill could go so far as to crimp the -- crimp wall street and to crimp, you know, the stock market in general? because long-term, i mean,
't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience. and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll pay the same low price year after year. call now and you'll also get a free dvr for 6 months. get it all for just $99.99 a month with a two-year agreement -- a price guaranteed for two years! don't wait. call 1-877-4fiostv. that's 1-877-4fiostv. this is beyond cable. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities this is fios. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . >>> look at these gorgeous flowers, brightened up our day -- >> that's beautiful. look, the seeds are starting, they are taking their effort because of this rain we have had. the president has ruled all hospitals have to afford the gay couples the same rights as heterosexual couples. do you agree with the decision that prevents hospitals the gay and less be answer the right to visit their partners. absolutely they should never have been arrived. family members only. that's a crazy hospital rule. some people don't have family. w
stranded in america and asia. we also understand we are talking about at least 70,000 british people on top of that other north european use of spain as a hub to get home. we understand there's a 15% increase in demand for services already with a huge increase in the number of passengers from madrid and barcelona to paris and four passengers hoping to get on from there, passengers doing whatever they can to get to northern europe. >> it does sound like a ray of hope for many passengers, but the logistical challenge of being that hub is massive, is it not? >> it is. at the moment we do not have any concrete information on how it would work. they will be discussing that amongst other things that a meeting of eu transport ministers. it will be a video conference, of course, as the ministers cannot physically meet at the moment. that is the main discussion, how they can possibly help in terms of getting passengers back from northern europe. there are already hundreds of thousands of people stranded here in spain itself. at least 40,000 british citizens are in spain trying to get home at the mom
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whether you come from? they want to know where. and look at what is happening with the citizens of america, in canada and in europe. if you look at facts and figures on what they're saying, use our europeans. the procession is they want to integrate. it's exactly the opposite. they want organizations, institutions to be really european, really american and canadian peers to the point is that rely on facts and figures and listen to the people, they feel at home and more and more junction of rations, you know, john muslims the new generations are showing the way in which this reality of contributing. and not only this is a reality, but if you've also look out at facts and figures still see the driving forces are very often women, muslim women who are paving the road who were informing the process to education, through their critical thinking and their presence. saying exactly the opposite of when you look at the way they dress, you may think that they are oppressed. if you look at what they think, you are just getting a sense of the reason leadership and there is empowerment year and we have
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